It's all about connection

Welcome to Thread Theology, where passion meets purpose in our collection of designs and products. We're dedicated to bringing the transformative power of Scripture to life through thoughtful design. Each creation is a visual interpretation of timeless truths, sparking conversations and inspiring deeper connections with God.

Our goal is simple yet impactful: to remind people who they are and Who they belong to. Every piece serves as a reminder of God's unwavering love and goodness.

When you purchase a Thread Theology creation, it's more than just a sticker or t-shirt; it's a statement of identity and faith. Our designs are meant to invite others to explore the journey of faith alongside us.

and making an impact

At Thread Theology, we understand our social responsibility, and we're currently learning of new ways to make impact. We believe that people are the heart of every business. Thread Theology would not exist without the support and service of someone else's insurmountable generosity, kindness, and faith.

Thread Theology gives back to the local community in Oklahoma by donating funds and t-shirts to non-profit organizations. In addition to monetary donations, we love giving our shirts away for free to those needing a hopeful reminder of God's love and care for them. If you know of someone that would benefit from having one of our shirts, please submit a contact form and let us know.

We find so much joy in encouraging others, and reminding them of the Heavenly Father they belong to.